A Message from our Founder

To my fellow Manitobans & Albertans,

I am incredibly happy to say that in 2017, 4L Communications Inc.  joined the TELUS family. Our telecommunications dealership began 24 years ago as MTS, and with the support of our loyal customers, we have grown to now provide service at 13 locations across Manitoba and three in Alberta! With TELUS & KOODO locations now across Canada, we will support and service our customers with integrity and have an even greater focus on customer satisfaction than ever before. Come pay us a visit and let us show you how the future is friendly!

4L Communications Inc. is very proud to align itself with a company that is a world class leader in customer service and aligns with our core values.


Al Koop
President, 4L Communications Inc
Proudly Serving Manitoba since 1996 & Alberta since 2019

The Core Values of 4L

Growth is a Must. We value continuous proessional and personal growth.

Happy Customers. We believe that our success begins with exceptional care of our customers.

Just like Family. We aim to build strong relationships with our customers and colleagues.

Make it Fun. We strive to be a happy, safe, and supportive place to be.

Count on Us. We consistently meet and exceed expectations.

Driven to Win. We are committed to being the best.

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